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These videos should help you to get your device setup. Please go through them and follow the steps. 

Bert from St. John’s – Canada

After using Pettracer for a few weeks now, I have got an accurate understanding of where Boots likes to go and where she spends most of the day.
The collar is surprisingly light weight and Boots got used to it within an hour. I also find it reassuring that it doesn’t use cell phone radio frequencies.
In standard tracking mode, the battery lasts two weeks, which I think is very good.

Miriam from Switzerland

So many Bengal cat owners keep their cats in the house or in an outer cage, fearing that they get away. I find this absolutely inappropriate. Thanks to petTracer owners of Bengal cats might be persuaded to let their animals out.
Compliments for the development of the GPS cat collar, I love it. I already had another product in use of which I was not convinced.

Jo from U.K

petTracer does an amazing job. The readings of Sky’s positions are very accurate as I’ve been able to watch where she is and where the collar says she is. I can understand now all the extensive testing you explained while producing the collar as there are many things to get right. Many thanks and best wishes.

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