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Step by Step video manual

These videos should help you to get your device setup. Please go through them and follow the steps. 

Troubleshooting Guide

Please go through the following questions if you encounter difficulty during the setup process. If you can’t find the answer to the problem you are experiencing please email us on [email protected] 


- I have set up the collar and HomeStation but there are no positions shown on the portal.

1. Put the HomeStation near a window as high as possible within your house. Make sure it is connected to the mains.
2. Put your collar outside ( under open sky)
3. Activate the Search Mode (it’s the magnifying glass icon)
4. Wait until GPS positions are shown on the map. The collar is then ready for use
5. Please ensure that the collar is fully charged before placing it on your cat.
6. We suggest using the collar in Fast Mode for a couple of weeks. This way you will get to know your cat’s natural territory.

- The map shows the wrong location.
The collar was not fully set up. See above question.
- The expiry date for the subscription in the portal is incorrect. I have paid for a longer subscription.
Every new set comes with a 5 days free subscription as standard. If you have already bought a longer subscription it will update in your account before the 5 days are over. Please disregard any messages about buying a new subscription. If after the 5 days the subscription has not updated please email us via our support email.
- I cannot register the collar. I'm getting a system error.

a) Check that the ID on the back of the collar matches the ID on the front of the manual included with your set. If it doesn’t match, let us know via our support email. Please include the ID found on the back of the collar.

b) If both IDs match then ensure that you are using the correct Key. The Key for the collar will be the one on the booklet. The Key is case sensitive, please pay attention when entering it. If this doesn’t work please let us via our support email.

- I cannot register the HomeStation. I'm getting a system error.

Make sure you are using the Key for the HomeStation. This will be found either on the:

  • Back of HomeStation or if not there,
  • Front of the booklet. (Please note that it is not the same as the collar’s Key)
- I have activated the collar but the GPS positions are not changing very often.

There are different modes, you might be in Slow Mode. You can change this from your portal or app.

The different modes explained

  • FAST: GPS position sent every 10 minutes when cat is active and every 60 minutes when cat is inactive.
  • STANDARD: GPS position sent every 30 minutes when cat is active and every 3 hours when cat is inactive.
  • SLOW : GPS position sent every 4 hours when cat is active and every 24 hours when cat is inactive.
  • SEARCH: GPS position sent every 15 seconds regardless of cat’s activity.
- Where can I find the app?
You can download it from the following links:


- How do I change into a different mode, for example Search Mode?

On the top left side of the portal, with all the icons, next to the one that looks like a clock. There is one that looks like this:  v  Please press it to show the differente modes.

Bert from St. John’s – Canada

After using Pettracer for a few weeks now, I have got an accurate understanding of where Boots likes to go and where she spends most of the day.
The collar is surprisingly light weight and Boots got used to it within an hour. I also find it reassuring that it doesn’t use cell phone radio frequencies.
In standard tracking mode, the battery lasts two weeks, which I think is very good.

Miriam from Switzerland

So many Bengal cat owners keep their cats in the house or in an outer cage, fearing that they get away. I find this absolutely inappropriate. Thanks to petTracer owners of Bengal cats might be persuaded to let their animals out.
Compliments for the development of the GPS cat collar, I love it. I already had another product in use of which I was not convinced.

Jo from U.K

petTracer does an amazing job. The readings of Sky’s positions are very accurate as I’ve been able to watch where she is and where the collar says she is. I can understand now all the extensive testing you explained while producing the collar as there are many things to get right. Many thanks and best wishes.

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